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6 Open-Source intrusion detection tools (IPS/IDS)

Security Architect & Advisor

I introduce a selection of tools specifically designed to monitor networks and identify intrusions, also known as intrusion detection systems (IDS/IPS).

1. Snort :

Snort is a widely used open source intrusion detection tool, renowned for its ability to detect threats in real time. With its large community of users and developers, Snort offers remarkable flexibility and extensibility to adapt to the specific needs of each network environment.

Download : Snort

2. Suricata :

Suricata is another popular choice among cybersecurity professionals. Designed to be fast and powerful, Suricata offers effective intrusion detection thanks to its real-time analysis engine. Its ability to inspect network traffic at high speed makes it a valuable tool for high-speed environments.

Download : Suricata

3. Zeek :

Formerly known as Bro, Zeek stands out for its ability to provide detailed analysis of network traffic. In addition to intrusion detection, Zeek offers in-depth visibility into network activity, making it a valuable tool for incident response and forensic analysis.

Download : Zeek

4. OSSEC :

OSSEC is a cross-platform intrusion detection solution that combines real-time monitoring with log analysis. In addition to intrusion detection, OSSEC also provides advanced features such as event correlation and automated threat response.

Download : OSSEC

5. Samhain Labs :

Samhain Labs offers a suite of open source security tools, with a particular focus on intrusion detection and file integrity monitoring. Its proactive approach to security makes it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to strengthen their defensive posture.

Download : Samhain Labs

6. OpenDLP :

OpenDLP is a specialized tool for detecting and protecting sensitive data. By identifying and monitoring sensitive data on networks, OpenDLP helps prevent confidential information leaks and maintain regulatory compliance.

Download : OpenDLP


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